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Developing one of the major investments from our client which is 6000-12000 TCD sugar milling and refining plant. This project is in need for a high-performing management team. Therefore, Rapid collaborate with Muria Sumba Manis team to lead, manage, review, rearrange agreements and scope of works between sub-contractors, vendors, and technology licensor. We function as project integrator across discipline and stakeholders.

We achieved 200% construction progress after the implementation of our project management system, bringing the project closer to achieve the targeted schedule.


  • Project status and progress evaluation
  • Commissioning and Start-up assist
  • Contract settlement process
  • Crash program design to speed up the project
  • Refinery sugar is available to be processed from sugar cane and raw sugar
  • Construct and commission boiler STG powered with bagasse and coal
  • Design, construct and commission coal handling system
  • Design, construct and commission raw sugar handling system

Additional engineering works is needed to deliver the 6000-12000 TCD sugar milling and refining plant we are working on. To ensure the quality of the plant while maintaining the schedule of delivery, we perform an in-house engineering work.

Rapid achieved on-time delivery on engineering detailed design and procurement to support project construction activity. Designing and integrating technologies and automation for coal & sugar handling to our client.


  • Detailed engineering design in regards of procurement and construction phase for process, piping, mechanical, civil, structure, electrical, instrument and valve criticality construction
  • Design engineering in regards of balance of plant to support sugar processing plant, such as coal handling, raw sugar handling, automatic bagging system, and automatic fuel distribution.

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Feb 2020 – Ongoing


PT Muria Sumba Manis (Djarum Group)


PT Muria Sumba Manis (Djarum Group)


Food Industry

  • Project Management Service
  • Project Study, Engineering, and Evaluation