Project Management Consultancy

Cost-overrun, progress lagging, and massive re-work usually haunt the majority of construction projects around the globe. This was an impact of poor project management coordination, low data input or analytics, and excessive administration and bureaucracy in project management. The construction industry does not realize this habit and low efficiency, as the procedure and systems they have had been implemented for decades, even though it is in dire need of a fresh change.

Rapid emerges as a disruptive idea in the middle of a stagnant industry, granting alternative approach of project management system to optimize manpower and administrative functions, cutting through unnecessary bureaucracy to boost productivity and reduce costs.

Providing the concept of construction integrator, we could save roughly 15% of project expenditures, giving us the opportunity to furthermore invest in technology and research, enhancing the future of our clients in managing their resources.

We Provide a high-performing project management system and human resources to apply lean construction philosophy and technology to our clients, ensuring resource/contractor management to achieve project on time, on budget & on schedule.

Hazard and Operability Study

Our project management service puts heavy concern on safety and operability of our result of work. We provide an extensive study on the hazard and operability for our clients, before the execution of the projects. Our team consists of a range of multi-disciplinary teams and a number of highly experienced leaders, with more than 20 years of domestic and overseas experience.

Our expertise on Geothermal, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, and Food Industry is critical to delivering a time-effective HAZOP study, providing our client with a comprehensive risk assessment result.

Commissioning & start-up is a phase between construction and operational phase of an industrial facility. Highly multi-disciplined, systematic, and professional methodology is critical to escort our client’s facility to its operational phase. It is important for us to manage this phase with the highest regard of safety, technical efficiency, schedule, and budget.

Our expertise in various industry and technology implementation helps us to provide our clients with system-wise commissioning management and execution. Developing a more time-efficient start-up program with a reliable method and supervisory from our engineers.

Effective Operational & Maintenance practice is the best method to promote reliability, safety, and energy efficiency in our client’s operating plant. Poor management and resource planning in this area would cause time and energy waste. Energy losses from steam, water, and air leaks, uninsulated lines, and other losses from poor maintenance are often ignored since operational activities function just fine.

Good maintenance practices can generate substantial energy savings and should be considered a resource. Our team provides operational & maintenance best practices to ensure optimum utilization of any operating component by implementing a suitable maintenance system specific to each case, assisting our clients in improving plant efficiency and reducing spare parts turnover costs.

Construction Integrator

Constructing industrial facilities is an art of combination between simultaneous multi-discipline works, such as; civil, steel structure, mechanical erection, piping installation, electrical, and instrument works. Our proficiency in interface management ensures our clients to gain exemplary benefit on time management, resource management, and project scheduling.

We manage all of our work with lean philosophy, executing simultaneous operations (SYMOPS) and system-wise completion by committing to our procedures and safety measurements, ensuring flawless delivery of our work to our clients.

Construction IT Service

Digitalization is one of the most important aspect in today’s construction industry. A mega project would employ thousands of construction workers and hundreds of works registered only for one working shift. Our RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) for manpower, equipment, and material management would provide our clients with the necessary efficiency evaluation of their resources.

Our CDR (Construction Dashboard Reporting) will optimize progress control work by digitizing the process of construction progress data gathering. Said data then processed and analyzed to produce extensive reports on construction progress, delayed or early work, and recommendations to speed up work progress based on data analytics.

Before the crucial construction phase of the industrial facility, development stages such as project study, engineering phase, and research evaluation must be conducted to ensure faultless construction and operational phase. To ensure the quality is delivered to our clients, we provide our expertise for in-house engineering work.

Considering the importance of the engineering and study phase in our industry, we always achieve on-time delivery and outstanding quality on our engineering and research works. Providing study results about technical, design, and commercial service for our client to support either preliminary study or construction activity.

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